Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life's a Tripp premieres tonight

As I posted earlier this year, Bristol Palin has a new reality show entitled Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, to air on the Lifetime channel.  That show will premiere this evening (June 19) for those, unlike me, who actually receive Lifetime.

Bristol and Tripp Palin.  Image courtesy Zap2It.com under Fair Use clause.

Already, of course, there is controversy over the as-yet-unaired 14-episode series.  Part of this series includes Ms. Palin's confrontation with a Los Angeles-area heckler and hater of her mother, and apparently because Ms. Palin had the audacity to respond to him, he is suing her.  Spare me.  Who started this confrontation again?  Watch and see for yourself.  The heckler starts at 1:44, and almost right out of the gate, he shouts "Your mother's a whore!"  Classy guy.  How dare she stand up to him!

Of course, as I've also pointed out here before, Bristol can take care of herself.  Anyone who has read her blog (which I've linked several times from my Facebook page, but not, I don't believe from here) knows this already.

The show airs tonight at 10/9c on Lifetime, and not only do I recommend you watch it, I recommend that you DVR it (or tape it, if you still live in the 1990s) so that I can see it later.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin at Right Online 2012

This weekend the Right Online 2012 conference is going on in Las Vegas.  This is a conference for conservative new-media types and bloggers (even, I suppose sixth-rate ones such as myself).  It features a lot of speakers whom I would love to hear. 

As neither the day job nor the Snowed family budget allow for traveling to Las Vegas for two days, I usually end up missing such events as this.  (Heck, my time budget doesn't even allow for blogging a good portion of the time.)  Thankfully, a lot of the speakers and sessions are streamed online at this page.

I got to see two very good speakers last night in Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin.  Both of them talked about the impact that the "new media" can have; in addition, Governor Palin spoke of the failure of the old media (which isn't a new theme for her, but it still rings true).

And thanks to The Right Scoop, both speeches have already been preserved for posterity.  (Specific links to the individual speeches are here and here.)

Here is Sarah Palin's speech (approximately 35 minutes, and worth it):

And here is Michelle Malkin's speech (approximately 18 minutes, also worth it):

Monday, June 11, 2012

What's important again? Part 3

I have a couple of friends named Danny and Christy, and they may not know it, but they are heroes.  They haven't (as far as I know) done anything earth-shattering, but what they are doing is definitely a lot better than what we see some overexposed celebrities doing on the news, or TMZ, or wherever.  And it's even better than...wait for it...writing a sixth-rate quasi-political blog (which hasn't been updated in about seven weeks until this entry).

See, Danny and Christy have two wonderful children.  One of them, their daughter, has Down syndrome, and she had some serious health issues that had to be resolved very early in her life.  If I were meeting Danny and Christy for the first time, I would probably think, "That's great that they have sacrificed to raise that sweet girl and keep her healthy...but they needn't do more than that." 

But they are.

Danny and Christy are in the process, through an organization called Reece's Rainbow, of adopting another little girl, about the same age as their daughter, who also has Down syndrome.  The little girl, Juliette, is currently living in an orphanage in eastern Europe, and Danny and Christy would love to bring her to live with them.

Juliette, who hopefully will be Danny and Christy's daughter soon.  (Image courtesy Reece's Rainbow)

The only hangup at the moment, as far as I can tell, is money.  It costs a lot of money to bring a child home from an orphanage in eastern Europe.  Thus, Danny and Christy are raising money through their blog, Bringing Juliette Home.  They need something like $30,000, and so far they have raised about a sixth of that.

If you are reading this and feel so inclined, I hope you will head over to Danny and Christy's blog and donate to help them adopt Juliette.

And Danny and Christy, if you happen to read this:  you truly are heroes.