Thursday, December 16, 2010

As quickly as it came, "Mega" departs

Well, that didn't last long.

Apparently the 102.7 translator that, just two weeks ago, started simulcasting Mega (103.5 FM-HD2), has dropped Mega in favor of already-on-the-FM-dial KGSR 93.3.  Per, this fulfills a prior promise to boost KGSR's signal after its move from 107.1.

As for Mega listeners, depending on the part of the area in which they live, they may still be able to hear Mega on K288FJ, the translator at 105.5.  The catch:  that translator is located in Bastrop.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Mega" returns to Austin airwaves


Mega, the dance format last seen (for those who don't have an HD radio) at 93.3 in Austin, has returned to the airwaves via the translator at 102.7 that once was used for Hill Country oldies station KITY.  Until now, Mega had only been available as the HD2 signal of KBPA 103.5 (Bob FM), or, of course, online.

Of course, Mega was not a ratings success, which is why the format of 93.3 was changed to the still-lamented Hot 93.3 (at least it appears to still be lamented, judging by the number of hits I get from the search terms "what happened to hot 93.3" or some variant).  However, with a low-power translator (which still occasionally is overridden in south Austin by Jack FM out of San Antonio), the return on investment probably doesn't need to be nearly as high, and so my guess is that we'll be seeing Mega at 102.7 for some time to come.

Update:  My guess was wrong.