Friday, October 06, 2006

TX-25 Update

I actually meant to post this, oh, about a month and a half ago. Now I've taken so long that the Statesman article I referenced to get the candidate information has disappeared. However, has pretty much the same stuff, which rather helps the procrastinating blogger.

Our candidates:

Lloyd Doggett (D, incumbent): A lot of people in Austin really love Mr. Doggett. I appreciate that his staff did answer a question I sent him years ago (don't remember the subject), but that said, his website now is rather uniformative. It used to have placeholder links for items like "Issues", but these have disappeared. Now, the only mention of issues is his statement in which he says he has worked "to encourage economic growth and job creation, improve our public schools, provide retirement security to our seniors and veterans, keep our communities safe, and promote affordable housing and child care." Specifics would help here...can anyone come out against these generalities? Oh, and his site touts his seniority.

The rest, in alphabetical order:
Barbara Cunningham (L, oil engineer, Caldwell): her website mentions three issues (immigration, education, and taxes). On immigration, she has a long, single-spaced, and rather difficult-to-read essay about how none of the current ideas will work. She seemingly likes a consumption tax to replace income taxes, but she specifically dislikes the FairTax. Her education idea is to remove all federal funding for schools. Apparently she is not courting the teachers' votes, then. (Her endorsements page, as well as her campaign blog, are sadly empty.)

Brian Parrett (I, systems analyst, Austin): I could not find anything about positions on any issues, but hey, he's got a picture on his site. He also invites questions via e-mail, but who's going to take the time?

UPDATE (24 Oct): Mr. Parrett's website now includes ideas on "Protecting America", "Reducing Our Tax Burden" (which doesn't spell out specifics, but his ideas smell a little like a FairTax...), and "Winning the War on Drugs".

Grant Rostig (R, computer programmer & chiropractor, Dale): recently endorsed by Ron "Dr. No" Paul, Mr. Rostig, like Dr. Paul has Libertarian-leaning views. (Ms. Cunningham, who has very similar views herself, showed up when Mr. Rostig dared to run as a Republican during the open filing period in August; previously, he had been the Libertarian candidiate.) He is against the idea of open borders (and pro-Minutemen, drawing criticism from Mr. Doggett) and pro-FairTax.

TX-25 is still majority-Democrat (albeit less so than it was before August), so it appears that Mr. Doggett will have smooth sailing at this point.


zerozipzilch said...

I love Lloyd!

On most issues, I don't bother writing to my Senators because there's no hope, and I don't bother writing to Lloyd because I know he's already on my side.

In the Republican-dominated House, most "good" votes for Democrats are votes against euphemistically named Republican bills. Here's a sampling of some of Lloyd's No votes.

HJRES114 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002
HR4772 Private Property Rights Implementation Act of 2006
HR5825 Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act
HR6166 Military Commissions Act
HR2679 Public Expression of Religion Act
HR6095 Immigration Law Enforcement Enforcement Act of 2006
HR4844 Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006
HR6061 Secure Fence Act of 2006
HR5970 Estate Tax and Extension of Tax Relief Act
HR2389 Pledge Protection Act
HJRES88 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the Unites States relating to marriage
HR5638 Permanent Estate Tax Relief Act
HR4200 Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act

Brian Parrett said...

I would like to correct the misspelling of my name, for the record it is not spelled "Bryan" it is spelled "Brian." Your cooperation in correcting the inaccurate information on your Blog is appreciated.

Additionally, people have taken the time to ask me questions about where I stand on the issues and how I will work in the interest of the people and represent the them in Congress.

Snowed In said...

Corrected, with apologies. (And I'd just correctly spelled it in your URL, too...)

I also updated to show that your site does now show some issue statements.