Friday, June 15, 2007

News 8 Austin: the new local leader for lousy weather coverage

Finally, Jim "The Sky Is Falling!" Spencer has some competition in the area of bad local weather coverage. Last night, as a torrential downpour with what had to be 50-mph winds was falling on far south Austin (and during which the winds changed direction 180 degrees), Maureen McCann over at News 8 Austin blithely showed downtown Austin, in which no rain was falling at the time, and spoke about how all the rains had now passed through, and everything was fine. She never showed a local radar at all during any of at least three "Weather on the 8's" segments I watched, so I had no way of knowing if the rain I had previously seen on KVUE's radar approaching the city was going to come anywhere near us. (It didn't, but we had no way of knowing that.)

Congrats, News 8, on losing my trust.