Thursday, August 30, 2007

Austin Traffic Enforcement

Dear American-Statesman and every TV station that indicates where Austin police will be watching for speeders every day,

Why don't you just make things easier (and more accurate) for everyone by placing Manchaca Road as a permanent entry?

Just a friendly suggestion!


Sal Costello said...

Here's the real problem in Austin.

Sen. Kirk Watson and other tollers are pushing a plan to shift Austin freeways to tollways!

Smarter options do exist.

In the short term, the $700 million tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on toll roads as Sen. Watson plans, but instead, our tax dollars intended for freeways should be spent on cost efficient non-toll solutions such as: Variable speed limits, ramp metering, HOV lanes without tolls, reversible/barriered lanes for peak periods, parkways (like, pass through financing, more arterial lane miles, better incident management and advance computerized control of traffic signals.

In the long term we must index the gas tax. The Texas Transportation Institute report states that more tolls are simply NOT needed - that indexing the gas tax and using the revenue to pay off bonds allows freeways to be built right now.

Once placed, the tolls will NEVER be removed from our public highways. In contrast, the Ledge has the opportunity to index the gas tax every two years.

The last public comment meeting is at the Capitol on Monday Sept 10th at 6pm. Be there, or pay and pay and pay!

Sal Costello
Founder of People for Efficient Transportation