Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unfairly Forgotten Song #2: Get Used to It by Roger Voudouris

Right around the same time as Randy Bachman and Ironhorse were hitting the charts with "Sweet Lui-Louise", Roger Voudouris saw his biggest hit, "Get Used to It", climb the charts as well, eventually peaking at #21.

There used to be an imeem widget here.  It's gone now.

Once again, Bob FM hasn't even heard of the artist, and even worse, if you find this on a compilation album, there's a good chance it's a re-recording (as is the case on the YouTube video I found).

Edit June 2010:   The imeem widget with this song has disappeared (thanks a bunch, MySpace), but I did find the original (not re-recorded) song on YouTube.  Apparently this song did quite well in Australia, hitting the Top 5 there.  And I so like the way they apparently brought a wind machine into the studio where he recorded this little clip.