Thursday, August 28, 2008

Capital Metro's Continuing Letdowns

This story (courtesy Keath Milligan) should come as a surprise to no one: Capital Metro's much-ballyhooed commuter rail line is behind schedule. It seems that two of the nine stations along the route are not finished yet. One hasn't even been started yet.

Here's a thought: let's delay the approved/scheduled fare hikes for just as long as the commuter rail opening is delayed!


M1EK said...

I don't care about these stations - at worst, Cap Metro overpromised on how easy it would be to get this thing up and running (the track's already there, they said; how hard could it be?). Most of this crap was beyond their control.

And the fare increase is years overdue. It doesn't even make up for the higher cost of diesel.

No, I blame Cap Metro for a lot of other things, but in this they're doing as well as anybody else would do - which is to say that commuter rail is ALWAYS sold as being easier than it really will be (compared to LRT, which actually works).