Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seriously, stop. You're embarrassing yourselves.

Come on, people. Try being civil.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can't. Like astroturfers "keenan" and "Aloha62" in this thread discussing Barack Obama's latest misstatement:
"The Jerry Springer/Povich group will love this type of fight and will go for the person they can most identify with....Piggy Palin...Now that you have an idiot, trailer park, barefooted Hillary wanna-be running..."

"We all know that Obama was not referring to Caribou Barbie. Frankly, if he had been, I would have been furious, and all pigs would have been outraged too."
Or there is Michael King's rather petty statement made as part of a column in the free (and worth every penny) local alternative weekly:
"The flummoxed GOP strategists are also trying to figure out how to market their very peculiar vice presidential nominee, who would make a more likely candidate for an oil-field sitcom – Married (in Alaska) With Children."

I guess whoever said this election wasn't about issues was right, because all these people attack about Sarah Palin are her family and lifestyle. Actually, that's not entirely true, but whenever actual issues are brought up, Ms. Palin's viewpoints are exaggerated to the point of absurdity. But then, absurdity seems to be the main content of most of the rantings I've seen about her.