Thursday, January 15, 2009

Follow My Progress at NCN

As I continue to catch up on all the stuff I haven't been posting recently (darn that day job), I have some happy news...I've joined the No Credit Needed Network, a site where people can post their progress at either saving money or eliminating debt. Being myself basically in Dave Ramsey's Baby Step Two, I get to track my debt payoff. You can see it in the pie chart at right (presently 60.94% paid off).

Better still, head over to NCN and check it out for yourself. Go subscribe to the NCN blog. Start your own chart and get yourself out of debt, or save up for retirement (really, do you think Social Security will still be around? I don't.).

For me, the biggest upside at this point is that I am not nearly as concerned about the current recession as a lot of people. My budget is in balance, I'm still getting debt paid off, and that particular stress is gone from the Snowed family's marriage.