Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Palin's opponents get bizarre

By now, those who follow Sarah Palin in the news have heard about the current Emily's List campaign specifically against the former governor, but for the benefit of those who haven't, or those who don't know what Emily's List is (and I envy those folks), I'll give a quick summary:

Sarah Palin, you may have heard, issued a video praising what she calls "Mama Grizzlies":

Seems pretty innocuous, doesn't it?

Well, Emily's List, which is a political action committee dedicated to raising money for, and electing, pro-choice women to public office, apparently decided that it did not like Sarah Palin or her politics or her Mama Grizzlies video.  (Some have speculated* that Sarah Palin is disliked partially because she did not exercise her own right to choose in the way people like Emily's List would have liked because she chose to carry Trig to term and give birth to him despite his Down Syndrome.)

And so, they came up with what has to be one of the worst political ads I've seen in a long time.  Watch, and laugh:

Wow.  I know you're just in awe from seeing a bunch (I counted four total during the one and only time I will ever watch this video...they couldn't find more people willing to put on that ridiculous costume?) of women dressed, as Tammy Bruce correctly puts it, like Ewoks.  Boy, if that doesn't put Sarah Palin in her place (and where is that, anyway?  Why is it that the libs are the ones saying Sarah Palin should be at home taking care of her kids?  Which, it's my understanding, she does anyway, on top of everything else she does, which, thankfully, doesn't include making videos of people wearing dorky outfits.), I don't know what will.

And, since I'm late to this party, I missed making this point as well:  Ace of Spades has already pointed out that these people, in addition to looking nothing like Mama Grizzlies, do, unfortunately, look like Furries.  (If you don't know what that means, be grateful.)

And, lest one think that all I am doing with this video is making fun of it (though I certainly am doing that), there are a couple of salient points worth making about what is being said in the ad.  Unfortunately, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air made them before I could.  For example, Mr. Morrissey points out:

Palin and her “Mama Grizzlies” don’t hold the ridiculous positions that these masquerading moms claim, as anyone with an ounce of sense and the ability to read can quickly determine for themselves. Republicans wanted to pay for an extension of unemployment benefits through previously allocated funds rather than incur more debt on grizzly cubs, or the cubs of the cubs and then their cubs as well, as Democrats ended up demanding.

As far as eliminating “health care,” as Emily’s List’s fuzzy logic claims, one would have to believe that “health care” was nonexistent in the US before Barack Obama took office.

You know, I thought it was Sarah Palin who was supposed to be the ignorant person whom no one was to take seriously.  And yet, the narrative (and yes, the costumes) of this video shows me that, for the moment, Emily's List is not worth taking seriously.  At all.

*Yeah, I know this exact language always gets flagged in Wikipedia with "(who?)", but I truly don't care in this case.