Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who's spreading hate again?

This video has been posted all over by now, and it's already been yanked from YouTube because one of the people highlighted in it has complained about privacy rights (for a tweet?  really?), but since some of my regular readers (I'm thinking of one in particular) doesn't read many (or any) other blogs, I present this to refudiate the idea that conservatives have a monopoly on hate, while the sainted left can do nothing wrong.

Language warnings, and lots of them, apply.

Twitter Users Wish Death on Sarah Palin from JoeKenha on Vimeo.

So, let's summarize:  Sarah Palin targets (ooh, can I still say that?) Democratic House members for defeat and gets crucified for it (as a reminder, you can see her response here); other people, in as vile/vulgar a way as possible, wish actual death on her.  And yet Gov. Palin is the only one expected to shut up as a result of the tragedy in Tucson.

Give me a break.