Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Prince Charles called a hypocrite

While I'm sure everyone celebrates with Prince Charles on the recent wedding of his son, there are still many things with which some people, myself included, take exception, with regard to his lifestyle.  This blog, in fact, has made reference to at least one of these things before.  I was surprised, though, to find that I had never made reference to the fact that Prince Charles jets all over the world to tell people that the environment is in trouble.  It seemed a little hypocritical to me, but I guess I never mentioned it on here.  (I'm pretty sure I've tweeted about it, for those of you who tweet.)

Well, in the meantime, someone else has brought the environmental hypocrisy of Prince Charles to light.  As Guy Adams of The Independent put it:

Phelim McAleer, an Irish-born film-maker, who lives in Los Angeles, specialises in short polemics poking fun at bossy celebrities who preach green living while travelling in private jets and limousines (previous targets include James Cameron and Robert Redford). Now he’s turning his artistic howitzers upon the heir to our throne.

(See, this is why Guy Adams writes for The Independent, while I just write a seventh-rate blog; I would never think to use phrases like "artistic howitzers".)

The video appears, in its entirety, well, right here.

And I didn't have to jet around the world to tell you about it.


Anonymous said...

We expect him to fly standby? Or paddle? The Royal Bicycle? Being an environmentalist does not require my/your being a total advocate of aestheticism. And, outside the relegious rhelm, it does not requre giving everything to the poor. The "first stone" is usually thrown by some interesting people.