Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time Warner: Not Again!

Once again, Time Warner is about to have some channels disappear because of difficult contract negotiations. This time Time Warner (nationally, not just in Austin) is dealing with demands for a lot more money from Viacom/MTV Networks. (Details here.)

In this case, I tend to agree with Time Warner's position that the MTV Networks channels are not collectively worth a whole lot at this point. They're certainly not worth "nearly triple the rate of increase under [their] current agreement". Nick@Nite plays mostly junk that has been plastered all over in reruns for the last ten years anyway, and does MTV even play videos anymore? Maybe they should start. With this one. Perhaps Time Warner would be well served to place the customer service phone number for Viacom on their explanation page, so that a little pressure can be brought to bear on Viacom.

But, it really doesn't matter to me. I only have basic and therefore get none of the channels affected. Plus, I still don't really like Time Warner anyway.

Update: Hi Viacom! What, do you just monitor blogs for these kinds of posts? This thing's been up 2½ hours and here you are!

Update 2: Resolved. Happy New Year!


NatalieTWC said...

I agree with you about consumers sharing their indignation with Viacom/MTVN. My name is Natalie and I work in communications at TWC-Central Texas. You can call Viacom at 212-258-8000 to demand they work toward a fair and equitable resolution.

Austin Kafir said...

I'm in Austin too and found you through Hot Air! Emailed Time Warner - thinking of switching to AT&T - have TW's bundle package and see much better deals with AT&T out there (I presently pay $178 per month) and so very tired of TW having these issues. Losing NBC for awhile and now this issue with Viacom is leading me quickly away.