Friday, August 21, 2009

Single-Payer Advocates to Protest at Whole Foods Today

The Washington City Paper reports that as part of its boycott of Whole Foods, a group calling itself Single Payer Action has organized a protest to take place today at several Whole Foods locations because of CEO John Mackey's recent Wall Street Journal op-ed opposing a public option in the increasingly less popular Obamacare plan. And, since Austin is home to the headquarters of Whole Foods, it makes sense that one of the locations at which they will be protesting is this one.

Single Payer Action's call to action may be found here. In it they say, among other things:
Our demand: That Whole Foods allow single payer advocates to set up shop inside Whole Foods stores around the country and allow them to counter the lies and distortions of their CEO John Mackey on health care.

Oooookay, that seems likely. I don't suppose you guys would be happy if John Boehner, Sarah Palin, and whoever else set up shop at Robert Gibbs events and countered whatever misstatements he might be making? (I'd enjoy it, but let's be serious.) And while we're at it, do you expect to get a lot of traction calling Mr. Mackey a liar?

Anyway, they'll be at the 6th/Lamar Whole Foods from noon to 1:00 today if you want to go and make fun of them for standing outside in the Austin heat for an hour.

You know, I may go shopping at Whole Foods in the next few days just to spite these people.

p.s. At least in Washington, Republicans are planning to counter-protest. Story here.

(hat tip: @RepPartyofTexas)