Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yet more changes to local news

For those who keep up with that sort of thing, two Austin stations announced some changes affecting their news departments. Thankfully, neither announcement seems to involve any staff cuts this time.

First, KEYE gave out more information regarding its soon-to-begin 4pm newscast. As usual, NewsMcNabb beat me to getting it posted, so I won't go into detail. I will, however, note that with the moving of Jason Wheeler to the 4pm newscast (with Michelle Valles), Austin native (and genuinely nice person) Katherine Stolp has been promoted to anchor the weekend newscast. Congrats, Katie.

Then, KXAN announced (courtesy Dale Roe of the Statesman) that it would start airing a 9pm half-hour newscast on KNVA (the CW Austin), to be anchored by Shannon Wolfson. This is designed to provide an alternative to the hour-long Fox 7 News at 9. (It should be noted that this schedule change contradicts the previous fall schedule sent out for the CW Austin, so who knows what this means for the four or five local people who watch MyNetwork TV.)

In general, I see these changes as good (for once). What's your take?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like KXAN is trying out the news at 9pm to see if it's a better alternative to Jay Leno. If it works, then I could see them moving out Leno for news. As for KEYE, they're changing everything web site, anchors, newscast. Anything to see if they get can ratings. Don't see this show doing anything up against Oprah.