Thursday, November 19, 2009

KGSR to 93.3; 107.1 to flip to Regional Mexican

Following up on Tuesday's entry:

Emmis Austin announced today that KGSR, currently at 107.1 FM, will move to 93.3, replacing the defunct Hot 93.3, effective tomorrow, 11/20, at 5pm.  This will make KGSR's format available to many more people, since 93.3 broadcasts at twice the power.

In order to help listeners make the transition, KGSR will broadcast on both the 93.3 and 107.1 frequencies for ten days.  Then, on Monday, 11/30, 107.1 will move to a Regional Mexican format, apparently in an attempt to fill the void left by BMP's blowup of multiple stations three weeks ago.

You can read the press release, and more information, at the Statesman's website.


Anonymous said...

Not much substance here. Your pro-Sara Palin cartoon is actually bigger than your small so called article. Like Palin herself, the article offers nothing new and just copies the work already done by others.

Snowed In said...

I posted this article rather quickly because I was following up on my own multiple articles tracking all the radio changes in town. You obviously didn't bother to read any of the other articles before you took your shot (which is, rather ironically, lacking in substance itself).

But then, you must be an expert on substance, seeing as you take the time to troll blogs.

Crumbs said...

Hadn't heard about the radio switch.
I, for one, appreciate the info.

Snowed In said...

Thank you, Crumbs. I, in turn, appreciate the positive feedback.

p.s. I appreciate negative feedback when it's constructive, relevant, and substantive. Anon @4:02 was none of the above.

Have a great day, y'all.