Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wow, it *is* possible to go lower than the D-List!

Occasionally talented actress and self-styled comedienne Kathy Griffin really doesn't like Sarah Palin.  Not one bit.  Ms. Griffin has previously been quoted as calling Mrs. Palin "such an idiot and such a moron," and apparently she has decided to center her entire celebrity status around the former governor.

In what appears to be a desperate grab for attention, Ms. Griffin has taken to going out to such prestigious social events as the Teen Choice Awards with a certain person that this blog no longer wishes to mention.  (No, I'm not linking to social event coverage; go look it up if you're so inclined.  I'm certainly not.)

Per Radar Magazine through Hot Air, she has also filmed an episode of her not-so-successful series My Life on the D-List with this same person.  And as part of this quasi-adoption, Ms. Griffin has made her feelings about Sarah Palin quite clear

“We shot a scene where I show her [Kathy] Levi’s Playgirl magazine and she reacts to it,” a Playgirl rep, who came along for the trip, told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Then we went to a gay bar called Mad Myrnas. I asked Kathy what star she’d like to see take a ‘celebrity spill’ and she said ‘I’d like to push Sarah Palin down the stairs.’”

Stay classy, Kathy.  With such statements, is it any wonder you haven't gone further with your career?

Ever-so-slight retraction:  Fine, the show's been on six years, so I guess if you wanna call that successful, go for it.  But good grief, the show's on Bravo, a network that most people I know watch just slightly less than cable access.


ClassicFilm said...

The "person who will no longer be named" is a low-life trashy spotlight seeker and scum puppy. No wonder Mr. and Mrs. Palin tried for over a year to break up the relationship he had with daughter Bristol. They saw his true colors long before we had even heard of the magnificent Sarah Palin. And it's pathetic that D-lister, soon-to-be 50 Kathy Griffin is trolling around with this piece of human garbage.

I do mean that in the nicest way, of course.