Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quite possibly the last word I have to say about Levi Johnston

Joseph Lindsey had a great post at Big Hollywood last week warning people about what celebrity does to some people.  He presented a pretty sad example from modern history:  Levi Johnston

The main point of Mr. Lindsey's column is pretty obviously stated in the first paragraph:

Fame is that place where character is rarely able to sustain itself. I don’t know how much character Levi Johnston had as a boy, but as a young man in the grips of the Hollywood culture machine he’s lost it all.

The whole thing is worth your time, if you ask me--and in a sense you did, since you're here--but two quotes sum up how Mr. Johnston allowed himself to be used to try to attack Sarah Palin:

When one unknowingly trades character for fame the recipient has only one recourse, attack the catalyst that brought them the opportunity in the first place, in Levi Johnston case it’s Sarah Palin and the mother of his child.

Getting your high school girlfriend pregnant is hardly worthy of fame, that is unless her mother is the Governor of your state, a vice-presidential candidate and conservative woman. Only then do the leftist vampires of Hollywood come out of their dark corners and offer you the glowing flame of fame. But what they didn’t tell Levi is that he’s just another one of their moths and the moment he’s served their purpose they’ll push him into the flame and exterminate him.

Like the author of this column, I hope Mr. Johnston can change course.  The course he's currently following is going nowhere good.


Joseph said...

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