Thursday, May 13, 2010

An open letter to the Austin City Council

In regard to the city council's planned "boycott Arizona" resolution, approved unanimously today, I submit the following:

  • Phoenix has been called the "number two kidnapping capital of the world", with a lot of kidnappings (many of which are said in the linked article to go unreported) related to the illegal drug trade.  Per the same article, "[s]ome officials have commented that all the Phoenix kidnappings are connected to illegal immigration".
  • A Pinal County sheriff's deputy was shot in the abdomen when he came upon a group of suspected human traffickers, who opened fire on him.  A manhunt for those responsible resulted in the arrest of 17 suspected illegal immigrants
  • Multiple areas in Arizona are littered with literally thousands of discarded backpacks left by undocumented immigrants entering the state.
  • Arizona residents, by a wide margin, support SB 1070, the controversial immigration law opposed by the Austin City Council.
Oh, and one other thing:  the Statesman article states that Austin "planned to send five employees to Arizona for three events this month".  This does not appear to add up to much money being taken away from the state of Arizona.

So, with all that said, one question remains:

Do you think the people of Arizona care one whit about what the City of Austin thinks of them?


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    Pat said...

    This will smart:

    LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles was poised Wednesday to become the largest city yet to boycott Arizona over its rigorous new anti-illegal immigration law, joining other cities across the nation that have condemned the restrictions.

    The City Council is considering a resolution that would bar the city from conducting business with Arizona unless the law is repealed—a move that likely would affect about $8 million in contracts.

    Snowed In said...

    Yes, Pat, $8M might smart a bit more than Austin's effort (last year's impact: approximately $43,000, per this link).

    But if LA's boycott isn't going to affect Arizona, then Austin's definitely won't.

    Anonymous said...

    This is all about advancing the ambitious political agenda of one Mike Martinez, nothing else.