Thursday, May 13, 2010

School district nixes basketball trip to AZ; Palin opines

In an attempt even less likely than that of Austin to change anyone's mind about Arizona's newly passed immigration law, a school district in Illinois took the step of canceling a long-planned trip to a tournament in Arizona by a high-school girls' basketball team.

This quote sums up the absurdity of the decision:

“The school has sent children to China, they’ve sent children to South America, they’ve sent children to the Czech Republic, but somehow Arizona is more unsafe for them than those places,” [the father of one of the players] said.

Political commentator and one-time high-school basketball player Sarah Palin phoned in to America Live with Megyn Kelly on Fox News today to weigh in on this issue.  As one might expect, she feels that canceling this trip was a bad idea.  Furthermore, she felt that the team ought to go on its own.  (Why not; they've been fundraising for this trip for months.)  See for yourself:

"Keeping the girls off the basketball court for purely political reasons is not right."