Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best wishes, Meghan Danahey (and other weather-related stuff)

Friday, June 25 (that's yesterday, as of this writing) was Meghan Danahey's last day at KVUE.  As Dale Roe and Jim McNabb reported on Monday, Ms. Danahey is moving to South Carolina to be closer to her fianc√©, for which I certainly can't blame her.  She'll be replaced on weekday mornings by Albert Ramon, who will in turn be replaced by former KVUE weekday morning meteorologist Ilona McCauley, thus reminding me of a comment I once made about revolving doors for weather teams.

KVUE, bucking the trend among stations nationwide of scrubbing their sites of any mention of anyone who leaves pretty much the moment they're out the door, was nice enough to create a nice little page saying goodbye to Ms. Danahey.  Featured on the page is her last minute or so on the air, complete with a cake that apparently the station got for her.  That clip follows:

While Ms. Danahey was known for delivering the forecast every weekday morning, she apparently also found time to (according to her public Facebook page) practice her golf and travel across the world.  She also dabbled in Latin dance, as seen below.  :)

Now, while I heard quite a bit about Ms. Danahey's departure from KVUE, I heard little to nothing about Mary Lee's departure from KXAN last month.  Ms. Lee apparently traded doing weather on the weekends in Austin for doing weather on the weekends in Houston, specifically, at KPRC

Best wishes to both Ms. Danahey and Ms. Lee as they move on to bigger and better things.

(Aside:  KXAN, in a move that may confuse the occasional viewer, replaced the departed Mary Lee with Rhonda Lee on weekend mornings.)

Slightly unrelated:  I still occasionally get hits on my blog from people wondering whatever happened to former KEYE meteorologist Megan Campbell (last mentioned on my blog about a year ago here).  In the interim, she apparently went to station WVLT in Knoxville, where she, in very short time, became chief meteorologist there.  And, very quickly after that, she apparently decided she didn't enjoy doing the long-distance-relationship thing with her husband, and so, according to this Knoxville source, she is now back in Texas, where her husband, a pilot, is based (I guess...the source wasn't totally clear, but why else would she move here?).  So, perhaps we might see her return to Austin television at some point?