Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, look! It's time for another KEYE weather team shakeup

I'm not sure, but I believe KEYE may have installed a revolving door for their weather team.

Less than a year after rudely shoving chief meteorologist Byron Webre out the door, and just a couple of months after Megan Campbell left for Knoxville (which I missed...was that her choice?), the station has now annouced (and you've already seen, if you watch KEYE news) that Mr. Webre's predecessor, Troy Kimmel, will return to their weekday evening newscasts.

The Statesman, as mentioned in the previous link, was unable to get confirmation regarding what will happen to the previous occupant of the weekday evening weather chair, Susan Vessell, who moved from mornings to replace Mr. Webre. I have heard whispers that she may return to mornings, but no real confirmation of anything, well, at all.

So, if we at the Snowed In blog hear anything...then you'll probably have already heard it elsewhere, given my current frequency of updating this thing.

Edit: Jim McNabb reports that Ms. Vessell is not going to be around KEYE much longer. Best wishes to her.