Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Commitment? What commitment?

Over in Texas House District 48, Republican candidate Ben Bentzin has decided to drop out of November's election. Mr. Bentzin blamed his late withdrawal on the tone of the special election campaign from earlier this year and a new business opportunity.

A new business opportunity? You know, when you run for office, you are committing to serve out the term of office. Mr. Bentzin should not have been considering a new business opportunity when he told thousands of voters who trusted him that he would serve if elected. Way to let them down, Mr. Bentzin.

Just noticed: it's a teaching opportunity at the University of Houston. Yeah, that's worth letting down a district-full of supporters.

I'd think twice before trusting this guy again.

By the way, there are still two options for the abandoned supporters of Mr. Bentzin: Donna Howard and Ben Easton.