Saturday, August 19, 2006

So who is the secret holder, anyway?

There is a great bill in the Senate that would further the cause of federal transparency (so we the people can see where our money is going), thanks to Senators Tom Coburn and Barak Obama. Unfortunately, thanks to a really stupid Senate procedural rule, one or more senators have put a "secret hold" on the bill, so that there cannot be a vote on it. It seems a fitting way to kill a bill promoting transparency, yes?

Anyway, has a special page with more details, including how you, the reader, can help. Give your senators a call and ask them to state for the record whether or not they are responsible for the "secret hold". As for the great state of Texas, Senator Hutchison's office could not give me a definite answer, stating that her response would appear on her website, which hasn't been updated anytime recently. Senator Cornyn's office sent me to someone's voicemail, which, of course, was never returned.

(Hat tip: Club for Growth)

Update: Senator Cornyn's office called me this morning (22 August) and denied that he placed the hold. I had assumed he didn't, given that he was a co-sponsor of the bill, but it's good to know nonetheless.