Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Come to This: Cowardly Anonymous Phone Calls

Anyone following the Austin Place 3 race might be interested in this gem of a voicemail I received today, which I will transcribe in its entirety:
"Why is Randi Shade trying to break the bank? Hi, this is your neighbor Lisa, calling to let you know City Council candidate Randi Shade has made budget promises that could mean cuts in city services and higher taxes for you. In seeking the endorsement of police and firefighters, Shade agreed to increase funding for management positions without having seen a budget, which is now in the red. With the highest-paid public safety workers in the state, can we afford Randi Shade's promises? It's not different, and it's not Austin."
Notwithstanding that 1) I don't have a neighbor Lisa; and 2) one councilmember can't do anything alone (and thus the crux of the call is rendered sadly inert), I suppose "different" and "Austin" are truly exemplified by anonymous attack ads, right, Jennifer Kim?

UPDATE: As most everyone in Austin knows by now, this story developed further.


M1EK said...

Combining your last two posts, my wife fielded a pretty obnoxious push-poll from Morrison's campaign about a month ago that I never wrote about (I did tell Galindo's campaign, since it was mostly negative stuff about him).

The Austin Egalitarian said...

Another blogger here, not particularly frazzled over the phone call issue. It looks to me like Kim has been using "marketting" consultants for her campaign. She is not ne4arly as sinister as Randy Shade, IMO, she is merely naive enough to think that the job-interview and market-consultant culture is appropriate to City Hall.

Well, FWIW, I just stuck a link over to your "Snowed In" in my "random austin blogs & sites" column.