Thursday, May 01, 2008

Laura Morrison's Fear-Mongering Ad

In case you're an Austin resident who hasn't had to sit through Laura Morrison's one and only commercial at least twice on every newscast, you can now find it here.

Now that you've seen it, did you notice that this ad is flat-out lying? Oh, yeah, they're gonna build three 700-foot towers where the Green Water Treatment Plant is right now. (Specifically, per the aforementioned commercial, apparently they're gonna build three 360 Condominiums buildings on the site, but they're going to lop the top off of them. And apparently at least one of them is going to lean slightly. Seriously, learn Photoshop...) Unless plans for that site have changed quite a bit from my understanding, nothing on that scale is planned.

So, why would Ms. Morrison want you, the informed Austin voter, to think that this will happen if she isn't elected to Place 4? Because she wants you scared, that's why. Ooh, the scary developers are going to ruin our city unless I am elected! Whatever.

Oh, by the way, don't expect to see any negative comments about the ad on YouTube. Mine has been awaiting approval for at least ten hours now, and I'm not expecting to see it show up until probably, oh, say, May 11.


Robbie C said...

Yeah. Because YouTube gives a rat's ass about a small insignificant race for city dog catcher (or whatever it is she's running for) to try to intentionally censor it.

Tin foil hat much?

Snowed In said...

Don't assume that just because you don't know anything about how to moderate comments on YouTube videos, no one else does either. I never said it was YouTube doing the censoring.

Anonymous said...

FYI, robbie, people who invite comments on their "youtubes" are the ones who choose whether to publish them, not the "YouTube" staff.

Eat the tinfoil, yourself, ok?

Anonymous said...

So because YOU haven't heard of any plans to build by the lake means that they can't possibly exist? Well thats enough solid evidence for me, she MUST be lying...

Snowed In said...

Of course they're gonna build by the lake. I think what you meant to say was that the city council has a secret plan to build three 700-foot towers there, and somehow I missed seeing that in any of the proposals or the talk about using this particular site to show that affordable housing can be built in downtown Austin.

And what's the point in trying to fog the issue over a month later, anyway?