Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Spurs Should Drop Out (for the good of the division)

The San Antonio Spurs, facing a deficit from which it appears likely that they cannot recover, should drop out of the NBA playoffs. Sure, there are people who feel that their opponent, the New Orleans Hornets, could still fall victim to a collapse, but let's face it: the best solution is for the Spurs to rally around the Hornets now as they prepare to face their likely opponent, the Los Angeles Lakers, for the Western Conference championship.

Really, what can be accomplished by the Spurs' continuing to drag this out? Surely all that can come of this is for the Spurs to expose more of the Hornets' weaknesses, thus assisting the Lakers that much more in their assumed upcoming series. It would also further divide all the constituents of the Southwest Division at a time when all need to be united against their common foe.

Now, last night the Spurs had a fairly decisive victory. This, obviously, is the perfect time for the Spurs to make a graceful exit, thus ensuring that they can go out on a positive note. Otherwise, they will continue to divide the division by dragging this series out to its inevitable conclusion.

For the good of the Southwest Division, it is time for the Spurs to go.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Good one. Sports and Politix.