Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Facts? What Facts? So Say Misinformed Voters

Apparently only some of the messages about the candidates in the recent election got through to a lot of the voters. As this video will show, at least some Obama voters are severely misinformed with regard to questions such as which party currently controls Congress, who said they could see Russia from their house (um, that wasn't Sarah Palin, people, it was Tina Fey!), etc. Watch the whole thing. Just don't click through to the comments, which are not part of a healthy discourse.

Lest one think that these interviewees were cherry-picked, a Zogby poll of 512 Obama voters was commissioned, and the results pretty much matched up with this video. Go to http://www.howobamagotelected.com/ to see for yourself.

I believe a lot of this comes down to what the MSM is saying. Many, many "news" outlets were falling over themselves in genuflection toward Barack Obama, to the point that Chris "Snugglebuggle Kissyface" Matthews now believes that his job is "to make this presidency work". It's unfortunate that he didn't feel the same way toward the current (yes, flawed) administration.

So, why pay attention to what people like Mr. Matthews, or their outlets in general, are saying, especially given the wealth of information available that isn't filtered by said outlets? Truly, I don't know anymore.

(Hat tip: Meet the Real Sarah Palin)


M1EK said...

This pushes the envelope a lot further than the facts warrant.

1. The Republicans controlled Congress for 6 of the 8 years of Bush's term by any reasonable definition of the word. They had enough juice leftover this time to at least hold fillibusters (and still will).

2. The "I can see Russia from my house" was an exaggeration, but not a misrepresentation by Fey. Palin really did assert that Alaska's proximity to Russia was evidence of her foreign policy expertise.

3. The Palin clothes thing is far from settled.

I would hate to see yet another reality-based Republican fall for the Palin cult. Anti-intellectualism of her type is only going to send you further into the wilderness - or drag the country further with you - that's not what we need from either a ruling or an opposition party at this point in history.

Snowed In said...

It's nice to know I'm reality-based. :)

I'll respond more to the "Palin = anti-intellectual" meme when I have the time available to do so.

M1EK said...

It's not a meme - it's the truth. The woman thinks the Couric interview was a hatchet job, for Jebus' sake.

The media isn't 'elite' and never was, unless by 'elite' you mean 'biased towards people who have some intellectual curiosity', which is what we would hope it would be in a country with some aspirations for greatness. Unlike most of the people who voted for Obama, I won't cheer the decision to rally behind know-nothings, because I think we need a quality Republican party for a healthy country.