Monday, November 10, 2008

Unfairly Forgotten Songs #3: I Can't Wait by Deniece Williams

In 1988, Deniece Williams made a final trip to the Hot 100 (#66) and the R&B top 10 (#8) with "I Can't Wait". I truly don't know why this wasn't a bigger hit. I know there were stations playing this at the time because I have an aircheck of Power 106 in LA playing it. Of course, you'd never, ever hear this on good old Bob FM (slogan: "we play anything"). I suppose Jammin 105.9 might be the likeliest candidate to play it, but since they seem to be transitioning to a hip-hop format, I guess that ship's sailed as well.

Whatever. Enjoy.

Edit June 2010:  The imeem widget with this song has disappeared (thanks a bunch, MySpace), but I did find the song on YouTube.   (She's lip-syncing here...this is the studio version.)  Check out the cool 1988 fashions!