Saturday, November 22, 2008

Isn't it ironic, dontcha think? You betcha!

Bad examples of irony:
  • Rain on your wedding day
  • A free ride when you've already paid
  • Some good advice that you just can't take
Good example of irony:
  • The following comment by "Tom in Pleasanton, USA", courtesy this page. All spelling and grammatical errors left untouched.
    At least [Arianna Huffington] came around and saw the light, meanwhile Sarah Palin is still living in the dark ages. And it took her 6 different colleges to finish her degree by the way. Genuis she is not, even if she can gut a moose.
(Yes, I borrowed the label "Palination" from Jim Treacher. What can I say; it's a good label.)


M1EK said...

The second one isn't exactly irony, either. I can recognize the difference between a great and an awful professional football player, even though I myself would be destroyed even by the awful one.

The original premise is stupid too - Huffington's not a candidate for elected office. If she were, I'd be laughing at her - she's only marginally more qualified and marginally more intellectually curious than is Palin.

M1EK said...

As for irony, note my use of two "evens" within the same clause!