Sunday, April 26, 2009

City Council Place 1 Candidates: My Impression

The Place 1 City Council candidates appeared on KVUE's Daybreak yesterday morning; however, most of Austin was asleep at that time, so as a free public service (and worth every penny), I provide my quick-hit thoughts on the two, along with links to the archived videos of the interviews, courtesy KVUE:

Perla Cavazos: Truly came across as a one-issue candidate. Really, just how many times can one say "affordable housing" in a four-minute interview? (Answer: a lot.) Quita Culpepper tried to keep Ms. Cavazos's interview interesting, but to no avail.

Chris Riley: Made an effort to hit multiple issues, including affordable housing. (He, however, only said "affordable housing" once.)

So who came off better in my eyes? Well, being a voter concerned about multiple issues, rather than just one, I'd have to say Mr. Riley looked much, much better.

Reminder: early voting starts tomorrow, y'all!