Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain:

Thank you for your service to this country, both in its military and in Congress. I have a great deal of respect for you, even if I don't agree with all your policy positions. I was happy to support your ticket last fall.

This is why I am so concerned about the treatment that your campaign staff, and even you and your family, have given to your former running mate, Sarah Palin. Your selection of Governor Palin inspired me to support your presidential campaign because of her stand on the issues that concern me most. Governor Palin's selection seemed to invigorate your supporters, drawing tens of thousands to your campaign rallies. And yet since Election Day, statements have been made by "unnamed McCain staffers" denigrating Governor Palin. You yourself have seemingly refused to make any definitive statements regarding any future support of Governor Palin, as has your daughter Meghan. In your April 13 Tonight Show appearance, your omission of Governor Palin from a list of potential GOP leaders appeared to be deliberate. Jay Leno's failure even to ask about her after you gave your list left the impression that your handlers had spoken to Jay's staffers, requesting that he not mention her.

Obviously, not everything that happened behind the scenes in your campaign last year are not publicly known. However, your seeming disloyalty to Governor Palin is very troubling. As Republicans oppose the wasteful spending of the current Congress and the current Administration, we do not need to be turning on each other; rather, we should unite and pursue our common goals. I believe you can help in this manner by refuting the most outrageous statements that have been made about Sarah Palin, and also by giving Governor Palin the credit she deserves for her role in your campaign, and in this party.

Thank you again for all the work you have done for our country. I know that you and Governor Palin, along with a Republican Party presenting a united front, can work together toward a more prosperous America.