Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elise Hu to leave KVUE

(Note:  if you came to this blog entry after January 2011, you will find more recent news about Elise Hu here.)

Count Elise Hu as the latest journalist to join Evan Smith's new Texas Tribune. The Texas Tribune, once it starts, promises to be a force in Texas with investigative reporting, specifically in regard to politics. (More info on the Texas Tribune here, courtesy the NYTimes. If you haven't signed up to be notified when the Tribune launches, it'd be worth it to do so.) Ms. Hu, currently known as KVUE's "Political Junkie", will be leaving that position in late August to move to the new venture.

So, congrats to Ms. Hu on the new job (and further congrats on her very recent engagement).


elise said...

Thanks so much. Hoping you'll follow me to the Trib!

Jim Howard said...

Is there any evidence of conservative reporters joining the Tribune?

Robbie C said...

No, Jim. There are so far no Conservative journalists joining the (try not to laugh) "nonpartisan public media organization".

Texas Monthly leaned decidedly left under Smith's reign.

Elise Hu is likely left of Smith. Matt Stiles? Liberal.

Stiles and Hu weren't even able to mask their Liberal biases at their old gigs...why should we believe they'll suddenly get a jolt of objectivity in a new surrounding?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the new Trib hires some real reporters and does not depend just on the happy Stiles/Hu couple. With Thornton's bankroll they should be able to find someone with a bit more talent.

Anonymous said...

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