Monday, July 20, 2009

Emmis/KLBJ Cancel "Todd & Don Show"

Just announced over the air on 590 KLBJ: the Todd & Don Show is canceled effective immediately.

Nothing is on the KLBJ website as of this writing, but according to the on-air announcement (during the 1:30 newscast), Todd Jeffries will be retained as KLBJ's newscaster, while Don Pryor will be reassigned to off-air duties, as the fallout from last week's July 15 broadcast continues.

Update, 7/20 1:45pm: KLBJ has pulled the Todd & Don Show page down since I posted originally. The original story of the suspension of the show (announced last week) can be found, among other places, via KXAN.

Update, 7/20 4:50pm: KLBJ finally got the announcement up on their site. Money quote:
...we determined that the cancellation of the show was the right thing to do for our employees, our station, our company, Emmis Austin Radio – part of Emmis Communications – and for the community.

Comments over there seem to be trending against this decision. What's your take?

p.s. Hi, KVUE, don't think I didn't notice that you visited my blog 30 minutes before your story went about some love?

Update, 11/17, 10:35pm:  The show is returning.


Jim Howard said...

Pryor certainly wins bonehead of the year award.

I'm glad he wasn't fired.

The thing that kills me is that Ennis broadcasts Alex Jones, who libels more people in an hour than Pryor ever could. But for some reason that's ok.

Daphne said...

I think management made the wrong decision, they should have ignored the offended whiners and left the show on the air.