Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don Surber: "Sarah Palin, Man of the Year"

Okay, now that's it is more than a week into the new year,  I really need to wrap up my 2009-in-summation posts.  (Next on my to-do list:  finish the letter we're including with our Christmas cards.  Sad but true.)

With that said, Don Surber took an interesting look at last year and attempted to determine who he would name the man of the year.  (Why?  Among other things, because I'm pretty sure he could do a lot better than Time Magazine did, not that this would be a hard thing to do.)  He came up with a very interesting choice:  Sarah Palin.

As Mr. Surber writes, he did not originally intend to choose Governor Palin:

This post originally was written as the runner-up slot. Most readers thought Sarah Palin would be the first Man of the Year of the Don Surber blog, but I had other plans. Just as in the Miss Alaska contest a quarter-century ago, she would be the runner-up. Rush Limbaugh’s CPAC speech was a magical moment in American history and so he would win.

But he discovered, as so many have, that Sarah Palin truly became a symbol for many people who feel disenfranchised by the current attempt to expand the federal government's powers (and its debts).  Granted, this is not a new discovery, as Mr. Surber has been linked by this blog more than once previously, but I digress.

Mrs. Palin has endured more slings and more arrows than any other politician in America. She may not have gone into any burning buildings, but she was singed nonetheless. Had Obama’s mansion deal received one-tenth the scrutiny that her shopping for clothes received, we conservatives would be grousing today about President Hillary.

Not that everything Mr. Surber wrote was glowing praise for Governor Palin's decisions:

Not all the criticisms of her were without substance. Many of us remain puzzled by her decision to resign abruptly as the governor of Alaska. But her campaign for the 2012 presidency continues despite this misstep. She stood up for what is right and held her head high as she marched forward — ever forward.

For the record, I was puzzled by this decision to resign originally as well, but it has done an admirable job of making a lot of hyper-liberal ankle-biters in Alaska completely irrelevant, and it's probably saved the state of Alaska a lot of money.  But I think I'm repeating an old post.  This one, to be specific.

And Mr. Surber gives those haters a few words as well:

Half the people of the United States love her for hanging in there. They love her for sharing their values of home, hearth and country. They love her for being of the the people, by the people and for the people.

Oh, not the elites and the elitist wannabes. The little potty-mouthed drones on the left think they are so sophisticated as they mock 14-year-old girls, babies with Down syndrome and people who shop at Wal-Mart. The Washington Post’s book reviewer bragged that she did not read Sarah Palin’s book. Ignorance is now a status symbol for the left.

The whole article is worth a read, as it covers the journey Sarah Palin has had over the past year-and-a-half and declares her worth your consideration.  Check it out.