Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getcha Popcorn Ready!

Josh Painter reports, from multiple sources, that Jay Leno's second night of his return to the Tonight Show will feature former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who has historically delivered high ratings for shows on which she is scheduled (see Winfrey, Oprah).

As one of Mr. Painter's sources points out, there is not much chance of seeing Mrs. Palin on the Tonight Show's main competitor.   I'm guessing she also will not appear with George Lopez, either.

Hey, Snowed, hasn't Leno gone after Palin also?

Yes, he has, but jokes about public figures are standard for these types of shows.  What is not standard is making sexual jokes about the underage daughters of public figures, or calling public figures names that would not have been allowed on network television 20 years ago.

But Snowed, what about the guys on your side who call Obama...

As I believe I've said before (and if not, then I'm saying it now), some on my side have made comments about the president that are way out of line.  Civility is a rare virtue, it appears sometimes.

And given that both Mrs. Palin and Mr. Leno have been on the receiving end of some nasty comments during the last several weeks or months, I expect nothing but civility between the two next Tuesday night.