Thursday, February 18, 2010

Run, it's Sarah Palin!!!!!!1!one!

Leigh Scott knows a thing or two about horror movies; he's made a few.  Over at Big Hollywood, Mr. Scott has found the perfect horror movie subject, at least for some liberals:  Sarah Palin.

Before you, gentle reader, begin with the "we aren't scared of Sarah Palin" mantra, Mr. Scott has already answered you.  Basically, some of you are not being upfront.  And the rest of you have been duped by the image of Sarah Palin that the not-so-upfront ones are presenting.

If pressed, the leftists will tell you that they fear her beliefs and what they perceive her policies to be. She will take away women’s right to choose. She will ban books. She will outlaw homosexuality. She will mandate religious beliefs. She will nuke Arab countries.

When making horror films, we always start with a basic concept. In that initial stage, we will decide whether or not the film will be “fantasy horror” or “realistic horror”. A film about vampires is fantasy. A film about a normal looking guy who kills young college girls is more grounded in reality.

The fear of Sarah Palin is like the fear of ghosts, vampires, or werewolves. Pure fantasy (Please note that I didn’t include alien invasion or zombie apocalypse as fantasy because, well, those things could actually happen).

Most of these predictions of doom and gloom under a Palin regime aren’t based on any sort of facts. Palin never banned Harry Potter books. Palin vetoed an Alaskan law that would have barred the state from granting benefits to the partners of gay state employees. Palin is personally pro-life, but as governor actually refused to extend deliberation on two anti-abortion bills presented by the state legislature.

And what is it that is truly feared by those leftists who understand what principles Sarah Palin supports? 

What they fear is that Palin would actually stick to fiscally conservative principles. She would reform the tax laws to make them fair and rational. She would clip the influence of labor unions. She would end the unholy alliance of Big Government and Big Business. She may actually extend women’s rights to choose to include how they spend their money, where they send their kids to school, and what caliber handgun they want to buy.

Scary stuff indeed.

There's more points to be made in Mr. Scott's column.  Check it out.  And stay informed about the real Sarah Palin; like it or not, she will be a force to be reckoned with.


JMacIV said...

Good article. The obsession Liberals have with Palin is comical. I don’t personally love or loathe her, (I guess I’m a Palin agnostic?) but I think the attacks against her and her family are ridiculous. Do you know why she didn’t want to speak at CPAC? I heard she was invited but turned it down.