Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Palin haters are called out

John G. Winder of The Cypress Times* has taken note of what others have been saying for a while--namely, that a lot of people in the media and on the left (those two groups tend to intermix quite a bit) have some inexplicable undying hatred for one Sarah Palin.

In his column "THE PALIN-HATERS ARE OUT IN FULL FORCE" [sic], Capital Letter Man, er, Mr. Winder points out the latest drive-by media attack on Mrs. Palin:  they estimate (based on not much substantial information, it appears) that she has earned $12,000,000 since resigning as governor.  (And just think:  she could have stayed in office and cost herself and the state hundreds of thousands of dollars defending against frivolous ethics violations!)  This, of course, is now being played up as some big scandal:

Once the press came up with number and everyone on the left shouted “Harumph,” they began writing nasty stories about her earnings.   She’s only in it for the money-kind of stuff.  One such article even said that Palin risks losing “Joe Six-Pack” as her supporter because of her success. 

Here Mr. Winder goes on a little aside to point out that Joe Six-Pack does not begrudge Sarah Palin any success, stating, "Joe Six-Pack doesn’t believe in punishing success; he believes it to be the proper reward for hard work."

Mr. Winder goes on from there to say that this anti-Palin rhetoric has spread ever since Mrs. Palin's rise to prominence thanks to the antithesis of Joe Six-Pack, whom Mr. Winder disparagingly names "Leslie Tofu-Breath".  (It should be noted that this blog does not approve of name-calling in any form, which is why this is the last time that name will appear in this space.)  He states that these lefties "hate success and really, really hate Sarah Palin."


First you told us Sarah Palin was too stupid to accomplish anything.  “Joke,” “Idiot,” and “Moron” were the words you used to exemplify your hallmark of tolerance as a party and an ideology. 

Then, when Sarah Palin stepped out into the private world and in just one year became a phenomenon of success and admiration, you began attacking her for being successful.  So which is it?  Is she too dumb to tie her own shoes, or is she now too successful to be popular with poor old Joe Six-Pack. 

The column goes on from there to mention the attempt by some to paint the entire tea party movement as racist (which I've already discussed here, so I won't go into it again now) and then discusses the attack on Gov. Bobby Jindal's campaign fundraising chief and her boyfriend, which is best summarized by Michelle Malkin.  (Ms. Malkin includes the correction that the victims of this attack were not wearing Palin pins, despite Mr. Winder's column containing that inaccuracy.)

You are welcome to read the rest of Mr. Winder's column.  The basic argument appears to be:  People hate Sarah Palin.  People throw whatever they can at Sarah Palin in the hopes that it'll stick.  When that fails, people try to disparage lots of people who agree with principles espoused by Sarah Palin.

What do you think:  am I misreading the state of the Left with regard to Sarah Palin and conservatives, or am I right on here?  And if so, can we please have more people calling them on it, as Mr. Winder has?

* The Cypress Times is a Christian newspaper serving what is basically a suburban area near Houston**, so obviously this column doesn't carry the same weight that it would if, for example, Kathleen Parker did a total about-face and wrote it.

** In my research (yes, I do research***), I discovered this gem of a quote in the Wikipedia entry for Cypress, Texas:

CFISD [the local school district] serves more than 100,000 students as of 2008, nearly half of them above average

Wow, nearly half are above average?  I guess the other half are below average, then.  That would make sense, wouldn't it?

*** I do so.  Shut up!