Monday, April 12, 2010

The "poor" who aren't

I have a post coming soon about Christian responsibilities to help the poor.  But something that really irks me is the fact that a lot of people with their hand out do not need the help.

Don't believe me?  Kathy Shaidle found a comment from someone who is describing exactly what I mean.  As she writes in her post "The 'poor' are the rich Jesus warned you about":

Or, the postman always comments anonymously:
Given my job, I see every day the moochers among us.

Many get their housing cheap or free. Regular checks from the federal government. Checks from the state and local agencies. Utility assistance. Cheap or free healthcare. So on and on.

Yet many drink beer all day, cigarette butts in the yard, cars newer than mine, big screen tvs, 2-7 cell phones in the household, cable, and so forth.

And when I come walking up, they want to know where their check is.

Of course, of course we have a responsibility to help those who really need it. But the people described in the comment above need to start by taking a page out of Dave Ramsey's book.*

* I speak from experience here.