Friday, April 09, 2010

Sarah Palin's SRLC speech

As expected, Sarah Palin's speech to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference was well received by the attendees.  She spent some time talking about the "Obama Doctrine" before moving on to the idea of the Republican Party remember its tenets (something a lot of Republicans, particularly those in Congress from about 2000 to 2006, forgot); she also spent a good deal of time talking about her strong point, energy policy.

Also, obviously, the speech was not well received by a lot of Palin haters, many of whom took the time to tweet snarkily about it under the #srlc hashtag.  There were tweets saying that Mrs. Palin was boring, that her speech had no substance, et cetera.  Well, if all that is true, then why are so many haters paying rapt attention to her every move?  (Seriously, if someone has an answer for that, I'd like to hear it, as I do not believe that conservatives watch Obama speeches en masse in hopes of finding mistakes.  A few do, and some of those are paid to do it.  You'd have to pay me to parse Obama speeches all day.)

The following full video of Governor Palin's speech is courtesy The Right Scoop.  (Go check that site out after you spend some time here.  A lot of time here.)  The speech runs about 28 minutes.

By the way, those who were watching this speech live on multiple cable news channels probably noticed that they cut away from this speech to one from President Obama.  I saw a fair amount of speculation regarding whether the time of his speech had been adjusted to cut into Mrs. Palin's.  If that were true (and I won't speculate), it would be incredibly petty.  I hope that is not what politics has become these days.