Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dave Ramsey on the President's jobs plan

Radio host Dave Ramsey, who has been mentioned on this blog at least once before, appeared this week on CBS's "The Early Show" to talk about President Obama's jobs plan (incorrectly referred to in this interview as "The American Jobs Act", though that title has now been taken by a quite different bill*).  The video, helpfully enough, appears here:

You can also access the same video at CBS News's webpage here.

Mr. Ramsey, while not saying anything disparaging about President Obama, gives what can only be described as a backhanded compliment by saying "I think the President's a great orator."  I translate that, basically, to "he talks a good game," and I would say he definitely does that.  But Mr. Ramsey, in a very unsurprising turn (for those who know him), doesn't really care for the jobs plan itself.

Some of my favorite quotes from Mr. Ramsey:

  • "I resist the tax code telling me how to behave." 
  • "A $4000 tax credit is not gonna cause me to hire people that I gotta pay for the next five or ten years."
  • "Government's role push the taxes back from the that, as the owner of the business, I have more money; then I can hire people."
As usual, I think Dave Ramsey is spot on.  Watch the video and see what you think.

* It should be obvious even to the occasional reader of this blog which of the "American Jobs Acts" I prefer.


Anonymous said...

My take on Dave's comments was slightly different from yours. He mentioned any old comment over the comflexity of the tax code. This has been true over several decades. Seemingly no administration can bring simplification - republican or democrat.