Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming soon

My regular readers (of whom I believe I presently have as many as ten) might be wondering why I have not updated in the past week, especially given the explosion in the blogosphere/twittersphere that started from a certain Daily Caller article about someone who would exemplify my recurring label "useless celebrity", who commented recently about one of the recent salacious rumors from the recent book by a punk author (as mentioned in my last post) about Sarah Palin.

This post is not going to address that.

No, this post is here to reassure my loyal readers (including, as always, the father of the originator of this blog) that I intend to blog about several things in the near future, such as:

  • Dave Ramsey's recent comments about the president's jobs bill
  • Reviews of books by Bristol Palin and Jedediah Bila
  • Further discussion on the two types of Palin supporters (which builds on a topic started here and continued here
  • And possibly some belabored primal scream of a post about the stupidity that came out of the article mentioned in the first paragraph. 
  • Heck, maybe I'll get really adventurous and throw in a unfairly forgotten song.
As can be seen, particularly with regard to the fact that Ms. Palin and Ms. Bila's books were released months ago, the timeliness of posts on this blog is questionable at best.  (I do have a day job, after all.)  Those who want more timely opinions are more than welcome to check me out on Twitter and Facebook.

As for me, as this post has taken about 4x as much time as I intended to put into it (which fits so well with the label on this post), I'm going to put this day (and myself) to bed.  Good night, all.