Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The American-Statesman listens to you...for a price

Let's see, it was almost exactly a year ago when the Austin American-Statesman decided that a good way to save money was to stop printing the Show World (their TV section). After a whole lot of bad publicity and negative comments from angry subscribers, the Statesman has decided to bring Show World back from the dead.

Today, I received the following mass-produced letter:
Dear Snowed In:

When you spoke, we listened.

And it only took a year!

Beginning March 8, your favorite television guide, filled with program times, channels and details, is back in its starring role every Sunday by request only for an additional 25¢.

Let's see, you've already raised the daily price by 25 cents in the past year...why not do the same to the Sunday paper? (Answer: because it just might not get the enthusiastic response y'all at the Statesman expect to get.)

To sign up today, call [snipped] or go to

Thank you again for sharing your feedback. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to meet your news, information and entertainment needs.

Best regards,

Harry C. Davis
Vice President of Circulation

Oh, yeah, waiting an entire year to respond is really meeting my needs, thanks. And what's with the sending me this anyway, given that I cancelled 11 months ago? Is this supposed to make me come rushing back?

With all that said, I do utilize the daily's webpage. It's not bad. (It's not stellar, but it's not bad.) But the print edition, in my opinion, is quickly becoming obsolete.


artruen said...

howdy, just found your blog. Uh, a door to door man came trying to sell subscriptions to The Spaceman last week. Before I could utter the words "I would never pay for that liberal rag" my spouse from somewhere else in the house yelled "We would never pay for that liberal rag" and the guy just. disappeared.

Anonymous said...

The Statesman makes me miss NYCs daily rags (the daily news not the crappy Murdoch Post)... Sad thing is, I can't even remember the last time that ANY daily newspaper was insightful.