Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KXAN on Stimulus: Balance Needed

Dear KXAN Austin News:

Could you really not find anyone on the street in Austin who doesn't support the so-called "economic stimulus"? As seen here, KXAN showed man-on-the-street interviews with a whopping two people, both of whom thought that the stimulus bill in its current form (or, as it's been called by others, "porkulus", "spendulus", etc.) would work to restore what has been talked up to be an economy in the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

KXAN, you know I love you guys, Jim Spencer's occasional tendency to panic about the weather notwithstanding. (I've met Jim Spencer; he's a nice guy.) But could we strive for balance in these types of stories? Yeah, I'd imagine the majority of blue-city Austin supports the plan, but there are people who don't think this bill is such a great idea. Me, for one. I know I get hits on this blog from you guys at KXAN; let's talk sometime.