Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Palin's speech brings out the haters

As promised, here's a closer look at the people who comment at CNN, as well as their abject hatred for Sarah Palin. As you may or may not have heard, she gave a speech in Hong Kong which has received some attention, and CNN wrote about it. Unfortunately, a good number of people who comment at CNN's website have felt the need to screech their scattered thoughts, most of which seem to center around either Sarah Palin being an idiot, the CLSA being idiots for inviting her to speak, or Republicans in general being idiots. In general, this is not a good way of convincing people of anything; however, it just might increase the likelihood of these commenters appearing as panelists on The Chris Matthews Show.

Enough of that...let's get to the comments.

  • Tony:  Obviously for Palin to get the gig, Lindsey Lohan, was back in rehab, Jessica Simpson is depressed over the loss of her dog and boyfriend, Britney Spears is working on her comeback and Paris Hilton wasn't interested.
  • DC Mike:  I would not pay one thin dime to hear this complete ignoramus speak. Never before has someone so incredibly stupid been a prominent member of a US political party. Her popularity amongst Republicans sheds light on the complete and total lack of intelligence within their party.
  • k:  So she happens to now afford a speech writer, most likely paid for by the RNC, so she has the appearance of intelligence. This doesn't change the fact that she's still about as "with it" as a Pig.
  • US Citizen:  Who she think she is? Only morans and combined total IQ of attendees must be in single digit. Is this a news worthy item? News Media is should be shame of them selves, giving this less than 5th grade intelect be the main story.
  • Josh Lewis:  I get embarrassed enough for her when I see her on television, I don't think I could handle watching her speak in person. She has no place speaking to such an exclusive group of intelligent professionals.
  • Debra:  This isn't about a liberal slant to the story. The point is that this is not a well versed person on any topic. To invite her is beyond reason. Perhaps it was a spectacle event. They could have gotten our former Miss California up there to do the same speech that someone else wrote. What's the point? I wouldn't pay 2 cents to hear her speak about any topic. It would certainly be a waste of time.

They sound like open-minded people, don't they?  I especially like the comments made by "US Citizen".  I almost think that the comments were made by someone parodying the haters' position; otherwise, they're just sad.  Seriously, "News Media is should be shame of them selves, giving this less than 5th grade intelect be the main story"?  I weep for the future.*

What exactly has happened to civility here?  (I refer here to both sides.)  Let's talk issues or reasons; let's not denigrate people as idiots, be they Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, or even Snowed In.

*10 points and virtually no prestige to the first to place that quote.


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Let me know when the popular press loves Mrs. Palin.