Monday, September 28, 2009

Unfairly Forgotten Song #7: Piece of My Heart by Tara Kemp

A few months before my last forgotten song honoree hit the charts, a California girl named Tara Kemp hit the top ten with two songs from her eponymous and only album.  The first, "Hold You Tight", went gold and is, to my knowledge, still somewhat familiar to people.  For years, this song was the only Tara Kemp offering available for request at Austin's Bob FM.  (Since then, they now show all tracks from her album as being available.  Yeah, right.  I've never even heard them play "Hold You Tight" in five years of operation.)  The second, "Piece of My Heart", is notable for, among other things, using the exact same rhythm track as "Hold You Tight" had.  (Seriously, listen to the two songs together sometime.  Part 2 of the October 4, 2002 Crap From the Past show actually plays the two together for comparison:  a Tara Kemp-a-thon.)

In any case, for some reason, as "Hold You Tight" held on through the years, "Piece of My Heart" seemingly disappeared entirely (as did Tara Kemp, apparently after her record company went under).  Luckily, thanks to the magic of YouTube, the video survives.

(Note: most information in "forgotten songs" entries comes from the always-reliable Wikipedia; as such, its veracity may be questionable.)