Monday, September 21, 2009

Promoting Better Lighting

This week Austinites have a great opportunity to help promote better, more efficient lighting in construction around here.  For those who don't know it (and apparently there are many), there is a group called the Illuminating Engineering Society, which is made up of architects, engineers, lighting designers, etc. and is devoted to helping produce better lighting designs--not just nicer, more intricate designs, but also more environmentally friendly ones.  (Thankfully, it is possible to have nice lighting designs that are designers are no longer limited to those 2x4 fluorescent things that have been in everybody's office since about 1985.)

The local IES section will be meeting Wednesday the 23rd at 11:30am at Joe's Crab Shack on Riverside.  Here is the information that the local section has sent out regarding the meeting:

Did you know that the IES holds 25% of committee seats for ASHRAE?  Have you ever heard of the Advanced Energy Design Guide?  Have you ever wondered how lighting power densities were determined in ASHRAE or how many members the IES actually has?  This month’s meeting focuses on us – the IES.  We will cover the Who, What, Where of our organization including discussion about the new strategic plan (did you know there was one?), as well as delve into the inner workings of ASHRAE and its impact on LEED (with V3 updates).

If you are in a relevant field and are interested in seeing better lighting designs in Austin in the future, check it out.  You can get a discount by prepaying, so visit the local section website,, for more information.