Monday, September 21, 2009

Snowed In's Theory

I've come up with a new theory.  I don't know if I can call it a law yet; I suppose more testing is needed, but so far, my hypothesis appears to have been confirmed in multiple instances.

Snowed In's Theory:  Anyone who uses the term "teabagger", or any form of that word, to refer to Tea Party or other protesters who are concerned about the direction taken by government is not interested in having a meaningful discussion about issues.

Corollary:  Statements, articles, and/or interviews in which this theory comes into play may be ignored as a whole.

I've spoken previously about my contempt for arguments using this term here and's immature and offensive and generally beneath what a media pundit should strive to be.  Unfortunately, a lot of media pundits seemingly couldn't care less about things like civility or decorum.  It's a sad statement on things in 2009, but here we are.  So, with that said, as a public service, this blog will now be making more of an effort to call out those in the MSM for whom my theory comes into play.  Something tells me I won't be hurting for subjects.

Case in point:  Joe Klein of Time Magazine (also a frequent panelist on The Chris Matthews Echo Chamber Show), who in this post manages not only to insult people who disagree with Obama with the usual terms, but also manages to call all of us out as racists.  Yes, that's right, Mr. Klein apparently subscribes to the Jimmy Carter argument that because we disagree with the idea of government taking over, well, everything, we must really just hate President Obama because he's black.

And then he goes on about how President Obama has been downplaying the issue since he came on the scene.  Ummm, Mr. Klein, please explain how exactly he was downplaying the race issue when he said at a rally in Rolla, Missouri last year that the Republicans would try to scare voters by saying "He doesn't look like the other presidents on the coins."  In case you've forgotten, please view the following (the phrase in question occurs about five minutes in).

Seriously, Mr. Klein, we expect better from you than this.  Don't try to talk about people about which you are obviously not well informed.  While there are obviously some people not currently happy about the government who happen to be racists, don't paint us all with the same brush.  It just makes you look as prejudiced as you claim that we are.  (That, and calling people "teabaggers" just comes across as asinine, as I've said.)

And thus, Joe Klein, for writing this piece of tripe, you are the first person to be officially dishonored for having run afoul of Snowed In's Theory.  Congratulations, and here's hoping you are never so honored again.  And call us when you're ready to have an honest discussion.

(I ought to come up with some sort of image for this "honor"...any suggestions?) 


Pat in NC said...

I agree with your hypothesis. As a friend would say,
"he ain't got no couth!" If you had photos of the people using this expression, it would be great to place a giant tea bag in their mouths.