Thursday, June 09, 2011

This is why the Alamo Drafthouse is awesome

Courtesy KTBC/Fox 7:

The Alamo Drafthouse, arguably Austin's most well-known theater chain, has come up with what I believe is the best don't-text-in-theaters PSA.  Having seen the telltale sign of a lit phone screen in a theater before, I can appreciate why texting during movies is prohibited by the Alamo Drafthouse; all cinemas ought to prohibit it, if you ask me.  It's almost as distracting as the screening Mrs. Snowed and I attended once in which an employee opened the exterior door midway through the feature, letting in loads of totally unwanted sunlight and rather messing up our enjoyment of that portion of the movie.  (The cinema at which this happened, the Regal Gateway, did give us free passes as a result of that.)

Here is the more PG-rated version of the PSA.  (There is an uncensored version that will air before R-rated features.)  Enjoy, and don't be like the person whose voice you hear here.

(Disclaimer:  My employer has done work for the Alamo Drafthouse.  I'd say they were awesome even if that weren't true.)