Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Why I don't trust government at pretty much any level: Part 1 of infinity

An online friend, Stacy Petty, has run into a case of government trying to address a problem it caused itself by, what else, taking more money from the people it is supposed to help.  In this case, a state government agency is going after business owners to help pay for unemployment benefits because they (the agency) overextended themselves (sound familiar?).

Because, you know, government agencies can't be bothered to:  1) improve efficiency; or 2) enforce their own regulations when they might actually help people.  No, government agencies, for the most part, seem to be mostly focused on squeezing more money out of people to pay for their own broken bureaucracies.  They're looking out for themselves, not for you.

(H/T:  Colorado Blonde, which is Stacy's blog)